AP Mode (Access Point Mode) alows the user to connect to the device directly with a WiFi-enabled debvice.

This mode is also needed when getting connected for the first time or if you have changed your WiFi name or password.

If the LED light is blinking fast, 2-3 times per second (Station Mode) and you would like to place your FB400 or EGG Genius back into AP Mode. Press on the small pin in between the meat and the pit jack for 1 second. The LED light will go from fast blinking to a solid light, then to a slow blink (AP Mode)

To confirm that you are in the right mode. Using a WiFi-enabled device. Go to your WiFi settings, then look for your devices name FB-##### in the list of available networks. If you do not see your device ID in the list of available networks on your mobile phone or tablet. Repeat the pressing of the pin for 1 second.

Once you have confirmed that your device is in AP Mode. You can add your WiFi credentials using the step by step instructions provided by the Flame Boss or the EGG Genius Mobile App.

If additional assistance is need please contact us at 1-800-978-9078 Monday through Friday from 9 am - 6 pm EST.