To create a MyFlameBoss account in the mobile app, download and install the Flame Boss® iOS or Android app and follow these steps: 

  1. Open the Flame Boss® app and go to the "Account" (gray silhouette icon in the lower right corner)
  2. Enter a unique username or email address
  3. Create a unique password (any number and combination of upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols)
  4. Click "SIGN UP" button (NOTE: check the "Remember me" box if you want the app to save your username and password)
  5. Enter your username or email address and password you entered in steps 2 and 3 above)
  6. Click "OK"
  7. In the "Account" page that opens click "ADD" in the "Enable Text Alerts" section to add your mobile number
  8. Enter your mobile number in the window that opens (Numbers only, no dashes or spaces)
  9. Click "OK"
  10. You will receive a text with a confirmation number at the mobile number entered in step 8 above
  11. Click "CONFIRM" and enter the 4-digit code you receive in the text in the window that opens
  12. Click "OK
  13. If you want to receive text alerts from your Flame Boss® controller tap the gray toggle button to turn on 
  14. Your Flame Boss® is set up and ready to use

If you need further assistance, please click here to Contact Us or call us at 800-978-9078.